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True Change- A Call to G-d

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True change- A Call to G-d


G-d loves you and so do I

Matthew 5, 2 Corinthians 6 , Leviticus 23, Romans 3:30 +31,

I believe it is so important for us to seek G-d and reach out to each other. We need to share information with each other without feeling offended or insulted. We need to share information and truth we have learned with each other in a loving way to help each other grow and become closer to G-d. Let us be open to learning new things and not just believe that what we know now is all there is.

This is a call for each one of us to change to truly give our lives to G-d according to God’s standards and not our own. It is time for us to change the world. We each have gifts that G-d has given us. We each have a calling on our lives and the ability to share G-d and the salvation of Yeshua with others. The way we reach out to others and share with others is unique to us. We do not have to fit into the mold of the way others do things, we do however have to be obedient to G-d.

I have been examining myself and my own life more closely recently. In complete truth and according to G-d’s standards I have been looking at the way I think, the way I live, things I do and do not do etc. I have decided to take a really honest look at what motivates me and how I spend most of my time.

I have decided it is time for real and radical change in my life in order to be what G-d is calling me to be.
I have been seeking G-d more. I have been researching and studying more about Jewish roots and history in order to learn more about the Hebrew G-d I serve, the Hebrew savior that died for me, and the Hebrew people that I have been adopted into. I have been asking deeper questions and searching for the truth. I have been seeking G-d for answers and allowing his Holy Spirit and word to guide me.

I have been questioning what I have been taught and why we as Christians have worked so hard to separate ourselves from the Hebrew people that we are now a part of through Yeshua. Why do we strive to distance ourselves from the very people that can teach us more about G-d? In my quest to discover the truth and become closer to G-d, more pleasing to G-d I have discovered intensely interesting things. The more I search the more I find the truth and the deeper I want to go. In examining my own life and observing history and the world around me I realize that we are far from G-d. There are very few of us truly living for G-d. Surely we can do better, surely we want to do better.

The majority of us spend most of our time living as we want to. The majority of us could spend a lot more time with G-d than we do now. The majority of us could spend a lot more time serving G-d and reaching out to others. We truly need to examine what we are doing and not doing and if we are doing G-d’s will or some watered down human version of it.
I am in no way saying that we do not have good intentions or desire to please G-d. I am simply saying the majority of us fall short. We do not obey G-d as G-d instructs but as man instructs.

We have to be willing to seek the truth, face the truth about ourselves and the things that are going on in the world, in our churches, even in our own homes. We have to get back to the heart of G-d. We have to stop arguing about doctrines and who is right and wrong and return to G-d for instruction. Let G-d lead us to who is truly teaching his word.

We have to stop making our own rules, following our own ways and return to the ways of the one true G-d we claim to serve. We need to stop making excuses. We need to stop saying “G-d knows my heart” and using this type of reasoning to continue on the path we are on. We need to return to G-d and give up the habits and customs we have adopted from the world.

If we want to truly be saved and be able to save others we first have to remove all that is sinful and worldly from ourselves and our lives. We have to work to be more like G-d and put away our own selfish ambitions and desires. This happens on a daily basis one choice at a time.

After all the first and best way to share G-d and the salvation of Yeshua our savior with others is by living in the example of Yeshua. We are called to be Holy as our G-d is Holy. We are called to be separate from the world. We are called to follow the instructions of G-d not our own ideas of what G-d wants.

What separates us from the world? What separates us is that we obey G-d, obey the commands of YHWH, and live in a way that is faithful and pleasing to G-d. If we claim to be the children of the living G-d and we claim to be followers of Yeshua then we should be living according to the instructions of the one we serve. People should be able to see there is a difference in us.

First and foremost we are set apart from the world through our obedience to YHWH. We are known as followers of Yeshua by the way we live and if we are being truly obedient to G-d or not. Are we following G-d’s word? Or are we simply picking and choosing the parts of the Bible we want to listen to and discarding those we don’t want? It is disturbing how many Christians these days will say G-d is timeless, yet they say his word is outdated. Many claim G-d to be the beginning and the end and that he never changes, then they say G-d’s word has changed and that we no longer have to obey G-d’s law. G-d sees all things including the future. G-d provided Yeshua as a sacrifice for us so that G-d’s law is now attainable for us, not so we do not have to listen anymore.
If we have the Holy Spirit and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us then we will naturally be led to obey G-d. This includes G-d’s commands.

I have noticed that unfortunately most people claiming to be Christians and believers in G-d these days are only shadows of the believers from years ago. We are all guilty on some level of disobedience to G-d however I have noticed that now more than ever we make up our own rules. We pretty much take what we want from G-d and leave the rest. Especially the parts of G-d’s instructions that require us to change or sacrifice.

As children of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob we are called to live according to higher standards, G-d’s standards not our own. We are called to live our lives being led by G-d’s Holy Spirit and not by our own thoughts, ideas and emotions. We are called to live in the example of Yeshua, we are called to obey G-d’s commands and observe his Holy days and times. We are called to live by G-d’s instructions to us.

I have observed that far too many of us claim we are serving G-d and yet upon close inspection only a hand full of those that claim G-d are truly serving G-d as he instructs. Now we are in critical times. We are facing more obstacles than ever before as the morals and values of mankind quickly decline. People have become a more laid back tolerant society. While we should always love each other and be good and kind to each other we do not need to accept certain ideas and behaviors as ok. We do not need to blend in with the world.

I am witnessing more and more that even Christians, people that claim YHWH the one true G-d believe it is acceptable to serve G-d in whatever way we see fit instead of following G-d’s rules and instructions. Many of us have replaced the Holy days appointed by G-d with manmade and pagan holidays. Many of us ignore the Seventh day Sabbath and only observe the manmade Sunday as Sabbath. If we choose to go to Sunday service this should not excuse us from observing the seventh day Sabbath that G-d himself commands we keep. So why do we do this? Why is it taught? Perhaps this is the devils way of leading us away from G-d by contaminating his word and instructions.

We claim G-d and claim to be G-ds children and G-d’s people but we do not love and obey G-d as G-d instructs. We serve G-d according to the ways we want to serve him as is convenient for us. I am not trying to sound mean. This is something that I am dealing with myself about. I believe it is time we all deal with these things in ourselves. I believe that any information we have should be shared with other believers. Any information we find as a result of our searching for G-d and truth we should share with others. G-d does not force us to choose him or obey him. God provides for us and blesses us with so much. The least we can do is do our best to obey him as he instructs and not in whatever way we want to.

May G-d bless each of you and lead each of us to the truth.


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